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Minting 1% BNKRX Daily

Bankroll FLOW V1.2
– Flow is a smart contract minting fresh BNKRX at 1% daily up to 125%

Refer to Steps below if you are Crypto Newbies (Desktop/Laptop users) :
(Mobile users refer to Klever Wallet)
1) Buy LTC from Remitano
2) Download and setup Exodus Wallet
3) Transfer your LTC from Remitano to Exodus’ LTC address and convert LTC to TRX
4) Download and setup Tronlink wallet from chrome extension
5) Transfer TRX from Exodus to Tronlink wallet.
6) Buy BNKRX with Tron (TRX) from Bankroll SwapX (approved Tronlink to connect with Bankroll network)
Note: Tronlink will pop up when you interact with smart contracts, check the function before you accept it.

Always buy/sell your BNKRX in Bankroll SwapX as it captured most of the liquidity and all transactions strengthening the entire bankroll network. Always maintain at least 30 ~ 50 TRX in your wallet to cover energy cost.

7) After loaded your BNKRX bag, go to the money making machine – FLOW v1.2

a) Click “Deposits enable” and tronlink will pop up then click approve/accept

b) Get a Buddy – Everybody need an invitation from an existing Flow member. If you don’t have any, put in this address : TXcW2HpAqzEx4kLCjoLN8FduTXQwTpDqrT
then click “update” and approve the pop up tronlink.

c) Deposit BNKRX into Flow for daily 1% earning. Your deposit will generates 1% dividend daily and drip every few seconds which show in “available”, you could withdraw anytime and swap it to TRX in SwapX. The 1% daily will run until you hit max 125% which showed in the “Max Payout” column.

Note: Tron transaction will consume about 3 to 10 TRX. For smooth transactions :
   a) Always maintain at least 30 ~ 50 TRX in your wallet to cover energy cost.
   b) To save on transaction cost, you could freeze your Tron in Tronscan for Energy
   c) Buy energy from TokenGoodies

Strategy to earn forever:
a) Roll (reinvest) for few days and claim few days. Thus consistently take some profit and gradually increase max payout limit.
b) Setup 2 wallets. Put a small bag in 1st account then refer yourself to your 2nd account. Put a nice bag of BNKRX in 2nd account and roll 100% of your 2nd account. 1st account is for profit withdrawal and 2nd account is your money making machine.

Flow will NEVER DRY UP in view of elastic supply of BNKRX, BNKRX value is supporting by Stockpile and SwapX.  
Flow will keep running as long as Tron Blockchain exist which is technically…FOREVER!!!

There are multiple smart contracts in Bankroll network which supporting each other. Read the Bankroll whitepaper and explore yourself with the full ecosystem in Bankroll.

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