Let Crypto Work for You

Start Your Engine

I didn’t realize how many people are new to crypto. I should have created a beginner guide before hand. My bad… I dropped the ball.

In the meantime, I threw this quick walk through up on how to get started with crypto…

Step 1:

Get a wallet. Wallet is like a bank account and we need the account number (wallet address) to deposit/transfer crypto.

Wallets are free. Here are some suggested wallets:

  1. Exodus Wallet
  2. Atomic Wallet
  3. Guarda Wallet

Watch the video in their website to learn and get familiar with the wallet feature.

For Exodus & Atomic wallet, backup your wallet by written down the 12 mnemonic word / private key. Save a copy of your backup file for guarda wallet and get it safe. These backup will required to restore your wallet.

Backup sample for Exodus wallet:
Follow the step in this : video
Exodus required to deposit with any coin for activation.
Coin can be purchase from exchanges ie. Remitano

Step 2:

After setup your wallet, now you need crypto to start your business.
a) Get free crypto from faucets. Free faucet is good for practice and get familiar with crypto.
b) Mining. Setup mining machine ie. Asic, GPU, FPGA & cloud mining
c) Buy from exchanges ie. Remitano, Coinhako, Binance…etc.

Step 3:

Make crypto work for you. There are ample crypto platforms with good passive returns.
However, there are also many HYIPs and scammy projects in crypto industry. Learn and Do Your Own Research, do not put in anything you can’t afford to lose. Always Diversify your investment!

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