Let Crypto Work for You

Fall unto the number tricks?

Comparison of 5 platforms:

Ave. Mthly Return33.3%26.2%21.6%19.2%4.5%
Ave. Daily Returns1.11%0.87%0.72%0.64%0.15%
Withdrawal Fee8%2%4usd20%less than $0.05
Net Daily Returns1.02%0.85%0.65%0.51%0.15%
(withdraw in LTC, too smallish until can be ignore)
Witdraw periodEvery MondayEvery MondayEvery 4 daysMin 100usd metAnytime, as frequent as u like
First time activation72 hours72 hours48 hours72 hours72 hours
Other Fee19 usd
(software fee)
Contract Perioduntil 200% earningup to 270 days depends on amount injected2 yearsuntil 200% earning + 200% downline bonusEarning continue until all capital withdrawn
ProHigh daily return. Suitable for individual earning without downlineNo contract fee and no fixed package amount. Suitable for individual earning + reinvest for compound gain.2 years contract. Frequent promo with free CRT TokenForce Matrix structure suitable for team builder spill over bonus.Capital is Not Lock which can be withdraw anytime. Build self 7 vertical structure can boost up earning to 2x ++
ConsPackage fixed, each package incurred 19usd fee which not favorable for reinvest.4usd withdrawal fee will eat into profit for frequent withdrawalPackage fixed, can only be upgrade. Unable to compound earning.

Is PGI out-number Torque?? Let take a deeper look!!

Let’s compare both return based on 1,000 usd capital

Capital-ve 1,019
(Not able to withdraw capital + 19 usd software fee)
(capital NOT Lock, which means profit start on day 1)
Day 1-ve 101.9%0%
Net Daily Return1.02%0.15%
Capital Back Period100 days to turn positivewhile waiting 100 days for PGI to capital back, Torq already in profit of 15%

From the comparison above, PGI need 117 days to get on par with Torque.

Do not forget PGI’s package has maturity when achieved 200% (about 180 days), then we will need to place fresh capital to buy package again as PGI is not favorable to reinvest profit.

The gap will become bigger if we factor in reinvestment compound gain plus the self 7-vertical structure as Torque’s daily return can be easily boosted by 2.5x.

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it. ‘

Again, Torque does not lock capital which gives flexibility to plan our strategy. Withdraw your seed capital and leave profit to generate profit is the most ideally position.

Don’t over excited on the number given by these platforms, Do The Math!!!

Then can we all in to Torq? Hell NO!!! Stay diversify is the key. All these platforms are just tools to peace of mind. You won’t just have a hammer in your tool box right? More tools in your tool box brings more convenient. Your wrench won’t eat your hammer after all.  

Not Financial Advise! Do Your Own Research!

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