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Status : PAYING

Returns : 1% ~ 1.5% daily
Minimum Package : 100 USD
Minimum Withdraw : 20 USD
Accepted deposit : BTC only

Weekly Return Record :
Week 16, 28 Sept @ 7.01%
Week 15, 21 Sept @ 7.39%
Week 14, 14 Sept @ 6.91%
Week 13, 7 Sept @ 6.82%

3rd Month : 30.47%
2nd Month : 34.65%
1st Month : 29.19%

PGI’s profit derived from:

a) Crypto ATM Machine
– PGI actively participates in payment terminal market in the past 5 years and more than 2 years in crypto industry. PGI manufacture and distributes ATMs in more than 25 countries.

b) Crypto Trading
– AI Bot trading and manual trading. PGI has physical offices in Singapore, Estonia, USA & Philippine. The trading desk is located in Manila.

c) Health Products & Gadgets

d) PGI Debit Card

How to start :

Sign Up account: PGI

Fill out the form with your details and you will received a confirmation email.
Confirm your registration by clicking the link send by PGI in your email. That will bring you to your dashboard. All function will remain blank until you acquired a package.

To buy a package, please select one of the package available

A windows with BTC deposit amount and address will appear:

BTC deposit required 6 confirmation, this might take more than 1 hour.
Package acquired will be activated after 72 hours and will generates profit everyday until return of 200%.

Withdrawal will be available once a week on every Monday 12am – 11pm EST.

Register Link : PGI

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